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EezDine Restaurant Manager


  • Cloud Booking Engine
  • Remote Access
  • Business Insights
  • Speed
  • A User-friendly System
  • Shared Notes
  • View all features

Start @ 55,000 52,250/- (5% OFF)

Service Tax Applicable
  • Small Dine Restaurants Start @ 20,000/-
  • Fine Dine Restaurants Start @ 30,000/-
  • Fine Dine Restaurants (VER 3 - COUNTER + TAB + HQ)
        Start @ 55,000/-
  • CLOUD BOOKING ENGINE - As a business owner, you look for ways to increase your bottom line without wasting money on resources that increase expenditures.
  • REMOTE ACCESS - Access your reservation software from ANY Internet-enabled device
  • BUSINESS INSIGHTS - Robust reporting to analyze your business
  • SPEED - Never again will you wait for your software to catch up with you
  • A USER-FRIENDLY SYSTEM - Our intuitive software minimizes the steps required for making and editing reservations
  • SHARED NOTES - Easy and efficient internal staff communication
eezDine is an Enterprise level Point of Sales System designed especially for the Hospitality industry in a single store or multi-store setup. A browser based menu and dashboard and a client based ordering system that allow you to work online or offline with instant data update to cloud server.

Point Of Sale software for restaurant billing, inventory tracking, kitchen order taking, table ordering and to manage all transaction, recipe management, accounting, table layout & guest seating, mobile order taking, e-commerce integration and so on. GoFrugal restaurant POS software supporting bars, restaurants and fine dining business. Our new improved Restaurant POS Software comfort to knowing the available table details, occupied table detail, summary for table on the floor and summary for the waiters on the go